Tattoo Design - Personal Final [Kinda]

This was my first initial drawing layout of the Blossom for my tattoo,
I decided I wanted to give the blossom a feel that would make it personal to me.
There aren't many flowers, this is because there are only 4 in my family.
I'm the baby one of the family so I'm the bud.
Even though over time I've become taller and mature I'm still the baby one when we are all together.

My mother and father are the two flowers that are together, and then in the family tree rooted down is my sister the other flower alone above me. The bud.

This is my inked version of the Blossom idea, It looks a lot better once inked, 
I want to add shadows to the stems but I might just leave that up to the tattooist as I want a personal opinion on this. I've seen many tattoos where the shading is done badly or hardly at all.
I know I don't want it too blackened out.

Let me introduce you to the Cardinal.
These are robust, seed-eating birds with strong bills. The family ranges in size from the 12-cm, 11.5-gram Orange-breasted Bunting to the 25-cm, 85-gram Black-headed Saltator[verification needed]. They are typically associated with open woodland. The sexes usually have distinctive appearances; the family is named for the red plumage (coloredcardinal like the color of a Catholic cardinal's vestments) of males of the type species, the Northern Cardinal.
The "buntings" in this family are sometimes generically known as "tropical buntings" (though not all live in the tropics) or "North American buntings" (though there are other buntings in North America) to distinguish them from the truebuntings. Likewise the grosbeaks in this family are sometimes called "cardinal-grosbeaks" to distinguish them from other grosbeaks. The name "cardinal-grosbeak" can also apply to this family as a whole.

Cardinal's have been my favorite birds throughout the years. They have stuck by me and shone brighter then anything else. Not many people know that Cardinal's are my favorite birds, I don't let it on too often as i love all types of birds. Birds remind me of my nanny, whom died when I was turning 1 or 2. She used to sit in the garden and look at the birds, a Robin used to come to her garden very often. When she passed away my grandfather used to sit in the garden and look at the birds to take his mind away from the pain i'd imagine. That Robin still came.
Cardinals mean a few things, actually. 
The one i like best is "Vitality and/or happiness." Another I found is 
"Brings colour to your life and reminds you that all you do is important, you are someone who brightens others lives"


So here we go I've come up with it:

This is my final Tattoo design.
It symbolizes a lot to me as you can tell in my first draft of the tattoo at the top.
The Cardinal flying symbolizes me growing up, leaving college/eduction and being my own life changer. I make my own decisions now.
[Cardinal and feather will be in colour Blossom will be in B&W]
I've been through a lot of things in my life and I've just blossomed out of most (see what I did there?)

The feather falling from the bird is showing me leaving my past behind. Anything thats gone on in the past is forgotten. If you dwell upon these things. You'll just get yourself down and ruin whatever could be coming your way.

this tattoo means so much to me and I'd love for people to ask what it means and be moved by the story behind it. Every good tattoo needs a story behind it, thats what makes it so unique to you.

Hope I've inspired you.

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