UPDATE: New Camera Bag.

Hey guise! I just recently got in touch with the man (or woman infact) that I bought my camera bag from in Korea. The package was stuck in brazil for a while hence why I hadn't blogged about it earlier. Surfing the net today and Scott my postman came and delivered to me my new camera bag! I scrambled to find a knife to open it and started taking photos instantly. Ahh I love it. Perfect for Rally day this saturday and Longleat whenever I go.

Then of course I had to take photos of my camera and lenses in the bag. 
Photos Taken on Samsung Galaxy Ace; FXCamera application.

Modeled by my mother.

Inside: Holding my Camera, My standard 55mm lens and my Fish-eye/Macro adapter lens.

Which reminds me. I need a lens cloth or to get new filters with a lens pen.
Post haste this needs to be done before I forget!!

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